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Dheere Dheere 9th May 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere 9th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene commences with Jagjeevan alerting the members of the household about an impending danger of unknown origin. Suddenly, the sound of a shattering bulb echoes throughout the house, prompting everyone to rush outside in a frenzy. Vidya, visibly concerned, voices her worries to the group. In the midst of the commotion, Bhawana admits to accidentally crushing some lemons and chili peppers. This admission results in Malini shouting at Bhawana, accusing her of bringing bad luck into the home. However, Aanchal comes to Bhawana’s defense, which leads to Malini mocking Aanchal’s intelligence and education.

Jagjeevan berates Malini, attributing the current situation to their disagreement. When Bhanu tries to defend Malini, Jagjeevan shuts him down. Jagjeevan decides to hold a religious ceremony to remedy the situation. Bhawana offers to prepare a dish as a holy offering, but Malini mocks her and claims she will take charge. Vidya steps in to assist Bhawana, but Amit interrupts by asking Vidya to bring him a glass of milk before he departs. Vidya complies and leaves. Bhawana resorts to praying to the divine for the protection of her family.

After some time, Bhawana emerges from the building clutching a bag in her hand and carrying broken glass pieces. Unfortunately, she is unaware that the bag is torn, and becomes engrossed in a phone call with a client. Suddenly, Raghav appears on the scene and observes Bhawana preparing to step on the jagged glass fragments. To alert her, he lets out a sharp whistle before quickly concealing himself. Bhawana then becomes aware of the torn bag and decides to first clean up the exterior shards of glass before entering the building.

Raghav steps outside and begins gathering the shattered glass into a bag. While he’s at it, Bhawana appears on the scene. She notices Raghav and informs him that he needn’t be concerned with her or lend a hand. Raghav informs Bhawana that he isn’t assisting her and never will, even in his dreams. Bhawana becomes upset and implores Raghav to refrain from taunting her. Following this, they both head back to their homes.

On the following day, the Shastri family is occupied with preparations for the puja. Jagjeevan receives assurance from Bhawana that the puja will be held on schedule. Vidya informs Aanchal that Aarushi is located upstairs, prompting Aanchal to relay details regarding their role in organizing the puja to Aarushi. Meanwhile, Raghav has a chance encounter with Abhishek, during which he inquires about the car that struck Dimple and left the scene. Raghav is dismayed to learn that the area lacked CCTV coverage. However, he remains optimistic, as he believes that a CCTV camera located on the next street may provide vital information about the perpetrator of the hit-and-run incident.

The marketing person on the call received a harsh outburst from Raghav, prompting Abhishek to question him in surprise. Raghav responded with a lie, insisting that everything was okay. Later, Abhishek informed Raghav about the planned puja in the Shastri household aimed at restoring peace. After Abhishek left, Raghav realized that he too needed to perform a similar ritual to protect his own peace of mind. Meanwhile, Aanchal discovered that Aarushi had joined a dance class, which motivated her to also take up dancing lessons.

Abhishek is worried about Dimple and suspects that Brij Mohan may have forced her not to use her phone. As he ponders over this, a TV repairman arrives at Srivastav’s house. Meanwhile, Aanchal apologizes to Bhawana by holding her ear, but Bhawana tells her that forgiveness isn’t that easy. Abhishek enters Srivastav’s house disguised as a TV mechanic, and Dimple is surprised to see him. He expresses his concern for her and confesses his love, to which Dimple reciprocates. However, their moment is interrupted when Brij Mohan and Savita arrive. Abhishek quickly makes an excuse and leaves.

Later, Bhawana questions Aanchal for her actions and tells her that she needs time to forgive her. Aanchal leaves feeling sad. Bhawana reflects on the fact that at least Aanchal apologized, but there are others like Raghav who believe their actions towards her were justified. [Episode End]

Precap : Upon arriving at Shastri’s house, the pandit ji proceeds to explain to Bhawana the reasons behind the recent events that have befallen them. With tears filling her eyes, Bhawana is informed that she must resume living the life of a widow as she did before.

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