Chashni 9th May 2023 Written Story Update

Chashni 9th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Raunaq and Chandni engaged in yet another argument. Raunaq insists that they need to put their grandmother to sleep in her bed first. Meanwhile, Sumer reaches out to Sanjot and inquires about a client. Sanjot confirms that she remembers the client well, as they were the first one to work with them. Sumer then reveals that they’re having a party to celebrate the success of Babbar Industries, and that he had invited Roshni to join him, but she hasn’t arrived yet. Sanjot becomes upset but tries to remain composed, suggesting that perhaps Roshni has already left. However, Sanjot is upset that Sumer invited Roshni to the party instead of her, and is determined to complete her mission.

Chandni has a discussion with Sumer, expressing her confidence that their latest plan will be successful. She believes that if Roshni spends time with Sumer, she will ultimately forgive him. In fact, Chandni is of the opinion that it would be better for Roshni to stay away from their house for a few days as she will be safer with Sumer.

Meanwhile, Nisha is excited to meet Manav and selects outfits and accessories to get ready. However, her excitement turns to annoyance when Manav fails to answer her call. Disappointed, Nisha prepares some noodles and regrets that she had planned to go with Manav after the seminar, but now she is stuck eating alone.

Chandni inquires about Nisha’s scattered clothes and the bowl of noodles she’s eating. Nisha shares her plans of attending a seminar with Manav, but he’s not answering her calls. Additionally, Sanjot is pressuring her to pursue business instead of photography. Chandni reassures Nisha and advises her to wait for Manav’s call, assuring her that he will contact her as soon as he’s free from work. Meanwhile, Manav, who is working at the fire station, receives a message from Chandni about Nisha’s distress. He discovers that he has missed five calls from Nisha and is unsure of what to do. Furthermore, Sanjot accuses Vimla of stealing a silver spoon from the dinner set.

Chandni steps in to try and resolve the situation, as Sanjot instructs Meher to search for Vimla. However, Chandni asserts that Vimla is innocent and has not stolen anything. Nisha enters the scene, carrying a spoon, and admits to taking it from the kitchen. Sanjot becomes irate with Nisha, ordering her to retreat to her room to study the business file she was given.

Later, Sanjot feels humiliated by Chandni’s intervention and vows to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Chandni empathizes with Vimla’s plight, having been wrongly accused herself in the past. She decides to help Vimla financially, providing her with funds and offering further assistance should she require it.

In the episode, Vimla informs a woman that Raunaq has already given her grandson money and flight tickets. The woman expresses gratitude towards Raunaq for his kindness. Later, Manav meets Nisha and apologizes for being busy with work. He presents her with a photoframe as a gesture of apology. Nisha requests Manav to join her for a photography session and he agrees. Meanwhile, Sanjot advises Chandni to focus on her married life instead of going against her own ways. Nisha thanks Chandni for talking to Manav and considers her as her best friend. The episode concludes with Raunaq noticing them. [Episode End]

Precap : Raunaq taunted Chandni for her habit of flattering everyone, but later he offered her a dupatta to wear during a party. However, while at the party, the dupatta slipped from Chandni’s shoulder, and Raunaq stepped in to help her fix it.

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