Chashni 6th May 2023 Written Story Update

Chashni 6th May 2023 Written Story Update On

In the opening scene, Raunaq is shown practicing boxing with great intensity. Despite Nisha calling out to him repeatedly, he is oblivious to her presence as he is wearing earpods. However, he eventually takes them out and speaks to Nisha. Nisha then proceeds to inform him about Chitra’s birthday celebration, which was her idea, and how he had scolded Chandni in front of everyone. Nisha defends Chandni by explaining that she had made all the arrangements for their enjoyment and had no ulterior motives. Meanwhile, Vandana is preparing chole bhature, and Meher compliments the delightful aroma. Vandana reveals that she is cooking because it is Chandni’s first day at the Delhi fire station. She kindly offers Meher some chole, which she enjoys, but Gautam quickly intervenes and drags her away, insisting that she should eat healthy food instead of junk food.

Chandni informed Manav that she would arrive and began searching for her uniform. She remembered that it was in her bag, which was on top of the cupboard. While attempting to retrieve it, she nearly slipped but was saved by Raunaq, who caught her in his arms. They became lost in each other’s gaze, but Chandni instructed Raunaq to place her back on the ground. She questioned why he saved her and accused him of being inconsistent with his feelings towards her. She asked him to clarify whether he hated or loved her, but Raunaq interrupted her and claimed that she did not deserve his assistance or apologies. He playfully tossed her bag back onto the cupboard, teasing her.

Sanjot purposely talked on the phone and allowed dadi and nani to overhear her discussion about relatives residing in her daughter’s sasural, causing them to feel guilty. Chandni discovered her uniform and decided to speak with Sumer about her joining day at the Delhi fire station. She greeted him at his gate and informed him of her plans. Sumer inquired whether she required permission, and Roshni believed that he would refuse her request, making her ecstatic.

Chandni informs Sumer that she is now Chandni Chopra Babbar and cannot proceed without his approval, unless she vows to become the top female firefighter. Chandni feels elated while Roshni is disappointed with the condition. Sumer emphasizes that Chandni must ensure that the reputation of the Babbar family is not jeopardized. Chandni calls a family meeting in the hall and Nisha and Sumer compliment her uniform. Chandni requests her family members to write notes of blessings for her, similar to how Vandana does on her important days, but in Hindi this time.

Manav arrived to fetch Chandni for their trip to the fire station. Sumer requested that she leave, assuring her that Raj would provide her with all the necessary information and blessings later. Nisha also requested that they drop her off at college. Meanwhile, Roshni and Raunaq devised a plan to embarrass Chandni that evening. Upon arriving at the office, Manav cordially introduced Chandni to his colleague. Later, Chandni opened the box of notes given by Raj, only to be stunned when she discovered that all of the notes were blank, except for one that indicated the notes had been replaced and that she should not attempt to uncover the sender’s identity. The episode concluded with a bewildered Chandni. [Episode End]

Precap : Roshni plans to phone Chandni’s friend while Raunaq intends to invite a girl over and become affectionate with her. However, Sumer arrives and engages in a dispute with Raunaq.

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