Chashni 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Chashni 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Sumer announcing Roshni’s pregnancy, and Sanjot pretends to be happy. Chandni and Raunaq join in to congratulate him. Excited for Roshni, Chandni decides to order all the books related to pregnancy. She secretly asks Raunaq to get everything without letting Roshni know that Chandni arranged it. Nisha visits Chandni’s room, and Chandni asks her about skipping meals. Nisha explains that she has a headache from studying overnight. Chandni advises her not to overwork herself at the expense of her health. Nisha complains about her headache and asks Chandni for her first aid box.

Chandni kindly provides Nisha with her first aid box, specifically for headache medicine. Meanwhile, Vimla brings juice for Sanjot and offers her a bracelet. Vimla hesitates to accept it, but Sanjot insists that she should, as the money is upstairs, implying that Vimla should receive the bracelet. Chandni and Raunaq arrive and encourage Vimla to accept the gift, explaining that in the future, Sanjot might not have the means to offer her anything. Sanjot ridicules them and suggests that she wants to diminish their standing in Sumer’s eyes. In response, Raunaq challenges to send Sanjot to jail, while she confidently asserts that no one can defeat her in a game of chess. Sanjot further taunts Raunaq for being hot-headed and questions his intellectual abilities.

Sanjot reveals to Chandni and Raunaq that they are newcomers to the game, but she has been playing it her whole life. Chandni retorts in response. At that moment, Vandana arrives, and Sanjot indirectly taunts her for supposedly raising Roshni and Chandni well. Vandana retorts by stating that she cannot say the same about Sanjot. She then goes to check on Nisha and discovers her diary lying outside. Vandana repeatedly knocks on Nisha’s door, but no one responds. While going through the diary, she finds a note that she is unable to read. Sanjot continues to mock Raunaq and Chandni, insisting that they should thank her for bringing them together.

Chandni confronts Sanjot, pointing out that she cannot even take care of her own daughter, Nisha. Sanjot insists that she can take care of Nisha. Just then, Vandana returns and hands them a suicide note written by Nisha. The note reveals that Nisha has been consuming all the medicines from Chandni’s first aid box due to her overwhelming loneliness and depression. Sanjot blames Chandni for not properly securing the first aid box. Vandana scolds Sanjot and holds her responsible for Nisha’s deteriorating condition. Despite Vandana’s reprimand, Sanjot refuses to accept her mistake and continues to argue. Raunaq intervenes, urging them to stop arguing during such a critical situation.

Raunaq forcefully broke open the door to Nisha’s room and discovered her peacefully asleep. With a sense of urgency, they anxiously implored her to reveal which medicine she had ingested so they could administer the appropriate antidote. However, Nisha confessed that she had merely written a suicide note but lacked the courage to actually consume any medication. Sanjot, once again, attempted to scold her, but Vandana intervened, reminding everyone to be grateful that Nisha was unharmed. Nisha then pleaded with Vandana to ask Sanjot to leave, causing Sanjot to seethe with anger as she believed they were the reason Nisha was distancing herself. The episode concluded with Nisha succumbing to unconsciousness due to a fever.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sumer, determined to bring Roshni back home, intervenes just as Sanjot launches a vicious knife attack on her. In a swift and brave move, Chandni responds by swiftly pointing a gun back at Sanjot. Meanwhile, Raunaq reveals that the entire incident has been recorded, ensuring that the truth will not go unnoticed.

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