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Bhagya Lakshmi 14th May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Shalu urging Lakshmi to observe the consequences of his actions. She expresses how he fought on her behalf, caring deeply and lovingly for her. However, Lakshmi dismisses his concerns, deeming him immature and insensitive. In response, Lakshmi questions why Shalu is comparing Rishi and Vikrant, explaining that both individuals were acting in her best interest. She firmly asserts that enough has been said and decides that Rishi’s union with Malishka has been finalized, just as Vikrant’s marriage with herself. Lakshmi further reveals that Ayush has given his approval, emphasizing that Shalu should also accept these arrangements. She implores Shalu not to intervene and to allow the impending marriage to take place. Curious, Ayush inquires about the whereabouts of Rano and Neha. Bani informs him that they have already departed. Anjana queries Neelam if she intends to embark on a pilgrimage. Neelam contemplates the necessity of going despite any obstacles. Virender interjects, stating that Neelam can undertake the pilgrimage after Lakshmi’s wedding and highlights that Rishi’s marriage is also on the horizon. Vikrant requests Rishi’s assistance in finding a designer, as his own designer is preoccupied with preparations for their wedding.

Lakshmi returns and takes a seat. Saloni suggests to Neelam that Lakshmi and Vikrant should go out and celebrate the day. Neelam agrees and encourages them to go. Saloni turns to Lakshmi and inquires if she would like to go. Lakshmi nods in agreement. Vikrant then asks Lakshmi if she is truly saying yes. Lakshmi confirms her affirmation. Meanwhile, Rishi becomes upset. Vikrant requests Rishi to accompany them, understanding his concern for Lakshmi. Rishi apologizes and questions if Vikrant is upset about the situation. Vikrant responds, stating that he genuinely wants Rishi to join them. Malishka questions why they should go along with Vikrant, mentioning that they already have plans and don’t want to be a third wheel.

In his room, Rishi ponders why Lakshmi is going through all of this. Neelam appreciates Malishka for diverting Rishi’s attention away from Lakshmi for the day. Malishka expresses her desire to spend time with Rishi. Karishma comments on the genuine love between Rishi and Malishka. Malishka reveals their plan to visit a new restaurant that is hosting a “best couple” competition, expressing her desire to win. Karishma assures her that she will indeed emerge as the winner. Karishma then reassures Neelam, telling her not to worry as today is not the day she fears. Neelam recalls the incident where Rishi rushed to save Lakshmi when her saree caught fire. Malishka convinces Rishi to join her outside, even though he initially declines, stating that he is not in the mood. Eventually, Malishka manages to persuade him.

Saloni, Anjana, and her husband arrived home. Saloni handed a glass of water to Anjana. Curious, Anjana asked what had happened. Saloni expressed her dissatisfaction with Rishi’s behavior that day, particularly his inappropriate shouting at Vikrant. Anjana agreed, acknowledging the imbalanced dynamics between Rishi and Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Vikrant and Lakshmi sat in the car together. Vikrant questioned Lakshmi about her tendency to talk less, wondering if she had been the same way with Rishi. He quickly apologized for his question, admitting that he didn’t know what to talk about. Lakshmi confessed that she too spoke less, prompting Vikrant to believe that their compatibility would be good. He then stopped the car and asked Lakshmi to wait for a surprise. Leaving momentarily, he returned and playfully asked her to guess what he had brought. Lakshmi’s mind wandered to a previous encounter with Rishi, where he had frightened her in their room. Jokingly, Lakshmi warned Vikrant that he might get beaten up, to which Rishi responded that it would be a sinful act. Lakshmi insisted on doing the work herself, managing to scare Rishi in return. Realizing he couldn’t frighten her, Rishi gave up and promised not to scare her anymore. Drawing closer, he expressed his desire to surprise her, leaving her curious. Lakshmi attempted to guess the surprise, mentioning possibilities like vada pav and a saree. Playfully, Rishi claimed it was something practical, suggesting a toolbox. Disappointed by her lack of romance, Rishi comically remarked that he might as well jump off a building since Lakshmi assumed he would give her a toolbox. The flashback ended, and the scene returned to the present, with a florist girl approaching Vikrant and offering him some change. Vikrant requested that she give it to him at the temple. Another flashback ensued, where Rishi presented a gajra (flower garland) to Lakshmi, eliciting joy from her. She attempted to put it on, and the flashback concluded. Returning to the present once more, Vikrant handed Lakshmi a gajra, but it accidentally fell onto the car seat as she tried to wear it. Another flashback played, showing Rishi saying he would put the gajra on Lakshmi, just as his mother used to wear it. He gently tied the gajra in her hair, and a song played in the background. Lakshmi asked how it looked, and Rishi declared it perfect, asking her how well he had tied it. Lakshmi responded with equal admiration, and the flashback ended. Finally, Vikrant expressed his intention to put the gajra on Lakshmi, seeking her approval before proceeding.

[Episode End]

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