Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Abhimanyu finds himself sneezing due to a cold. The chilly weather in Udaipur makes him shiver as he compares it to his own hometown. Realizing he needs to take medicine, Abhimanyu heads towards the water source. Thankfully, Akshara comes to his aid, suggesting that medicine may not be effective and instead offers him some oil. Concerned for his comfort, she also provides him with an additional blanket to ensure a good night’s sleep. Grateful for her assistance, Abhimanyu expresses his thanks to Akshara. Meanwhile, Akshara notices Abhinava and Abhir and questions Abhimanyu about his thoughts on living under the same roof.

Akshara shares her belief with Abhimanyu that he can never replace Abhinav in Abhir’s life. She explains that Abhinav didn’t explicitly mention it to avoid causing any hurt, but he intends to be the one to take Abhir to school. In response, Abhimanyu reassures Akshara that he acknowledges the positive upbringing Abhir has received and emphasizes that he has no intention of troubling anyone or taking anyone’s place. Abhimanyu expresses his desire to simply be a part of Abhir’s life.

Muskaan notices a missed call from Kairav and expresses her frustration, mentioning that he never says anything during their calls, just keeps dialing her number. She feels like Kairav is preventing her from moving on and ultimately decides to block him. Meanwhile, Kairav is shocked when he realizes that he accidentally called Muskaan. He decides to send her a message explaining that it was unintentional. However, Kairav is taken aback when he discovers that Muskaan has blocked him.

In another scenario, Abhimanyu observes Akshara engrossed in her studies and assumes that she is preparing breakfast for him, featuring bread and jam. Akshara, who is actually studying law, is focused on her work, and Abhimanyu thinks she is studying with the dedication of someone aspiring to become an IAS officer. He demands that Akshara serve him breakfast, but she insists that he prepare it himself. Abhimanyu heads to the kitchen and finds it in a messy state, concluding that Akshara hasn’t changed and still keeps the kitchen untidy. He takes it upon himself to clean the kitchen.

While Abhimanyu is cleaning the kitchen, Akshara spots him and remarks that he hasn’t changed at all, still exhibiting the same obsessive-compulsive behavior. As they both make noise with the utensils, their interaction is interrupted by Abhir. Abhimanyu decides to make breakfast for Abhir and is surprised to learn that Akshara has taught Abhir some basic cooking skills. Abhimanyu finds Abhir’s newfound knowledge adorable and compliments him.

Abhir requests Akshara to call Abhinav as he is running late. Akshara decides to give Abhir a ride to school. However, Abhir insists that Akshara should not waste her study time. Abhimanyu then asks Akshara if he can drop Abhir off instead. In response, Abhir asks Abhimanyu to be the one to take him. Despite this, Akshara chooses to wait for Abhinav. Eventually, Abhinav calls Akshara and asks her to bring Abhir to school as he is held up with a passenger. Akshara permits Abhimanyu to drop off Abhir, and he expresses his gratitude before taking Abhir away.

In a separate incident, Kairav requests Muskaan to unblock him, but Muskaan tells him to get out of her way. Meanwhile, Manish notices Kairav with Muskaan.

Ruhi impresses Arohi by independently tying her shoes and arranging her school bag. Arohi acknowledges Ruhi’s growing independence but acknowledges that Abhimanyu cannot be there for Akshara and Abhinav. Abhimanyu, Abhir, and Abhinav wait for each other at the school. Manjiri discovers Abhir’s school project and encourages Abhimanyu to participate. She urges Abhimanyu to assert his rights.

Abhir becomes upset, feeling disappointed that his father is the only one absent. Abhimanyu feels helpless and unable to support Abhir in that moment.

[Episode End]

Precap : Abhir discovers that Abhinav is not his biological father, which prompts him to question why Akshara and Abhinav kept this truth hidden from him.

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