Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Samrat confronting Nayantara about Kaashvi’s presence at Mahima’s place. He mentions that he noticed Kaashvi’s bandage while rescuing her and is aware that Mahima is in an intoxicated state. He sternly reprimands Nayantara for involving Kaashvi in such matters. However, Nayantara asserts that it is her family issue and instructs Samrat not to interfere. She insists that she is capable of taking care of her daughters without his assistance since she plays both the roles of a mother and a father. Moreover, she declares her willingness to go to any lengths for the well-being of her daughters. Nayantara emphatically states that Kaashvi is not Samrat’s daughter. Samrat firmly responds that she cannot alter the truth and warns Nayantara against using Kaashvi as a substitute. He asserts that he will actively become a part of their lives, regardless of their objections, and confidently exits the scene.

Samrat stormed into Pradyumna’s room, wasting no time as he drenched Pradyumna’s face with a splash of water. Confused, Pradyumna questioned what had happened to prompt such an abrupt intrusion. Samrat sternly rebuked him for continuing to meet with Mahima. He revealed that he had witnessed Pradyumna dropping Mahima off at her house, and he made it clear that if Pradyumna dared to meet her again, he would divulge everything to Pradyumna’s father.

The following day, Mahima woke up with a pounding headache. Nayantara scolded her, seizing the opportunity to inform Mahima that Kaashvi had performed a ritual for her. Nayantara urged Mahima to consider the consequences if Arjun’s family were to discover the truth. Mahima, attempting to defend herself, claimed that she had only consumed juice and suspected that someone had spiked it. She fabricated a story, blaming Veera for providing her with the tainted beverage, and she humbly apologized to Nayantara for her false accusation.

Nayantara, noticing Mahima’s diamond ring, inquires about its origin. Mahima regrets not having removed the ring and concocts a lie, claiming that her friends gifted it to her and that it’s an artificial diamond. Concerned, Nayantara takes off the ring and instructs Mahima not to leave the house. She entrusts Kaashvi with the task of safeguarding the ring in her locker before Kaashvi hands Mahima a cup of coffee and departs.

Maaji approaches Kaashvi for assistance in arranging flowers, prompting Kaashvi to discreetly tie the ring in her dupatta. Arjun and Nitya arrive at the scene, with Nitya announcing her gift of a gold bangle for Mahima and audaciously requesting dowry from Nayantara. The revelation leaves everyone stunned, and Nayantara expresses her disappointment at Nitya’s unexpected demand, emphasizing that she would have done something for Mahima and Arjun’s happiness but never anticipated such a request. She even contemplates selling the house to fulfill their desires. Arjun and Kaashvi confront Nitya, questioning the appropriateness of her demands. Nitya playfully laughs it off, clarifying that she was merely joking and reaffirming her stance against dowry.

Arjun checks in with Kaashvi, inquiring about her well-being and expressing his disappointment at her absence during the jaago ritual. He urges her not to miss any upcoming rituals and emphasizes his desire to see Mahima. Kaashvi nods in agreement. Romila presents Mahima with the haldi outfit, but Mahima complains of a headache.

[Episode End]

Precap : Romila informs Mahima that Arjun is not worthy of her, and that Pradyumna is a suitable match for her in terms of status. Nayantara reveals to Kaashvi that Arjun intends to marry Mahima, advising her to keep her distance from him. Kaashvi witnesses Mahima and Pradyumna together.

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