Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Arjun expressing his belief that they should rejoice for Nayantara, considering all the selfless deeds she has done for others’ happiness. He questions Nitya about why she is concerned about society when she taught him to do what is right without caring about it. Arjun suggests that Nayantara should marry Samrat if that is what she desires. Jagdeesh declares his support for Arjun and praises Kaashvi, emphasizing the need to focus on Arjun and Mahima’s wedding. Nayantara apologizes to Maaji, who reassures her that she doesn’t need to live alone and embraces her. Nayantara expresses her gratitude to Kaashvi, referring to her as her angel. The priest calls for the bride, and Kaashvi goes inside to bring Mahima. Meanwhile, Romila’s husband informs her that her plan has failed.

Nitya apologizes to Nayantara, admitting that she should have supported her knowing about her relationship with Samrat. She expresses her gratitude to Kaashvi and Arjun for helping her realize her mistake. Nayantara forgives Nitya, relieved that the misunderstanding between them has been resolved, and they share a heartfelt hug. Nayantara expresses her appreciation to Nitya for accepting her and Samrat’s relationship.

On the contrary, Pradyumna accompanies Mahima to the bus stand. There, Mahima proposes the idea of going to the airport to leave the country. However, Pradyumna explains that it’s not feasible due to his inability to afford flight tickets. Surprised, Mahima reminds him that he is a millionaire. Pradyumna clarifies that Samrat manages his finances, and reveals that his credit cards have been blocked and his bank account frozen by Samrat. Despite this setback, Pradyumna mentions having some cash that they could use to start a new life. He suggests finding a rental house to live in. Mahima is taken aback by this revelation. Nonetheless, Pradyumna reassures her that their togetherness is what truly matters.

Meanwhile, one servant seeks assistance from another and contacts Samrat to inform him that Monty helped Pradyumna escape. Samrat takes Monty aside and threatens him with jail time, using the CCTV footage as evidence against him. Monty defends himself by claiming that he simply followed Mahima’s instructions. He discloses that Mahima and Pradyumna had eloped. Samrat warns Monty not to disclose this information to anyone and resolves to bring Mahima back.

Confused, Mahima questions Pradyumna about her decision to elope with him if she still has to work. Pradyumna expresses his willingness to work as a waiter if necessary, but Mahima insists that he doesn’t have to. She asks him if she is only with him for his money. Mahima confesses that she had always dreamt of marrying a rich and handsome husband. Pradyumna suggests that Arjun is a better choice for her and advises her to choose him instead. Disheartened, Mahima decides to go back and marry Arjun. Pradyumna professes his love for her and tries to convince her that she is making a mistake. In a moment of frustration, she pushes him away and walks away.

Samrat informs Kaashvi about Mahima’s elopement with Pradyumna, and they set out to bring her back. Meanwhile, Romila assumes that Mahima must have eloped, confirming her suspicions.

[Episode End]

Precap : Pradyumna launches a surprise attack on Mahima, catching her off guard and causing her to lose consciousness. Observing this, Romila hurriedly informs Nayantara that Mahima and Kaashvi are refusing to open the door. Concerned, Samrat inquires about Mahima’s well-being from Pradyumna. With a heavy heart, Pradyumna informs him that everything has come to an end. Perplexed, Nayantara questions how Mahima could have fled when Arjun is patiently waiting for her. Nitya overhears this conversation.

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