Woh Toh Hai Albelaa

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Tingu bringing forth the hashtag, sparking a wave of joy in Chaman. With excitement, Chaman suggests that their combined name should be ChamanKan. Their lighthearted banter elicits laughter from everyone present, while Chaman dances and revels in the moment. Suddenly, a mehendi artist enters veiled in a gunghat, only to reveal herself as Rashmi. Kanha and Sayuri descend together, capturing Chaman’s gaze with a dreamy expression. Asserting her desire, Chaman insists that the mehendi be applied first on Kanha, followed by herself. Sayuri, feeling disheartened, attempts to explain that the ritual is meant for haldi, but Chaman dismisses it, claiming it to be inconsequential. As Kanha takes a seat, Sayuri discreetly signals him, indicating that the mehendi should be applied to the person deserving of it. Kanha discerns that the intended recipient is Rashmi and proceeds accordingly. Chaman insists on incorporating the hashtag “Chamkan” into the design, but Kanha requests that it instead read “My love.” Chaman, initially inclined towards “My love Chaman,” ultimately agrees to Kanha’s suggestion of “My love” alone.

Chaman instructs Tingu to ensure that everyone gets intoxicated with Bhaang, even if it means using force. After applying mehendi on Kanha, Rashmi discreetly proceeds to apply it on Sayuri’s hand while Chaman remains oblivious. The sight brings joy to everyone’s faces. Dadi informs the others that the girl helping them is none other than Rashmi, causing tension among the group. Rashmi sits down to apply mehendi on Chaman when he demands that she remove her veil. Thinking on her feet, Rashmi alters her voice and claims that it is believed that if the person applying the mehendi casts an evil eye on it, the couple will experience frequent quarrels. She adds that she is willing to lift her veil if Chaman doubts her, but he decides to let it be. Chaman then requests music to be played, and the sound of the dhol fills the air as Rashmi proceeds to apply mehendi on his hand. Chaman asks Tingu to dance, and in his intoxicated state, Tingu drinks the Bhaang and begins dancing.

Nakul inquires about the Bhojpuri actor they had hired to play the role of the director, but at that moment, Kanha receives a message that the actor has been admitted to the hospital due to illness. Nakul ponders what to do now, unsure if Amu managed to bring the director along. However, he takes solace in the fact that Chaman has no recollection of the director yet. Amu anxiously waits for Director Ranjith to finish his meeting. Meanwhile, Chaman dances wildly and pulls Kanha into the dance as well, forcing him to join. Sayuri daydreams about dancing with Kanha but feels disheartened upon seeing him dancing with Chaman. Tingu brings Bhaang to the mehendi artist and urges her to drink. Initially refusing, she gives in when Tingu points out that her family is happily indulging in the festivities. Tingu reveals that he has captured her face on video, taunting her and warning her against lying. Rashmi is left shocked by the revelation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amidst the jubilant celebrations, Chaman inquires about the director’s whereabouts. In that very moment, Amu arrives, accompanied by Director Ranjith. Ranjith swiftly requests Chaman to sign the contract papers. Just as Chaman is about to affix his signature, Tingu’s senses are aroused, and he becomes apprehensive.

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