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Teri Meri Doriyaann 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Manveer accusing Sahiba of being responsible for Angad’s condition. Akaal intervenes, urging Manveer to remain calm. Manveer proceeds to express his grievances about Sahiba to Akaal. Akaal questions Sahiba about why she went to the shop despite his explicit instructions not to do so. Akaal sternly informs Sahiba that the current situation is a direct consequence of her disregard for his instructions. Blaming Sahiba for Angad’s predicament, Manveer voices his frustration. Ajith steps in to defend Sahiba, asserting that she would never intentionally harm anyone.

The doctor informs Sahiba that an operation is necessary for Angad, as his condition is critical. Requesting Sahiba’s signature on the consent form, the doctor explains the procedure. Inder takes the form from Sahiba and signs it as Angad’s father.

Jabjyot contacts Akaal and inquires about Angad’s condition. Akaal informs her that Angad is still unconscious and blames Sahiba for his situation.

Jabjyot shares Akaal’s statement with her family. Seerat defends Sahiba, stating that Sahiba never intended to harm Angad. Gurleen supports Seerat’s viewpoint and suggests waiting until they uncover the entire truth.

Inder urges Sahiba to leave the hospital, while the doctor exits the operating theater. Manveer inquires about Angad’s condition, to which the doctor responds that the surgery was successful, but they cannot provide any updates until Angad regains consciousness.

The hospital staff brings Angad out of the operating theater. Sahiba holds Angad’s hand and encourages him to remain strong. Manveer insists that Sahiba releases Angad’s hand and exits the hospital. Akaal commands Sahiba to stay away from Angad. Sahiba asserts that no matter what they do, they cannot break the bond between her and Angad. Sahiba leaves the hospital.

Gurleen informs the Brar family at home that Akaal is not permitting Sahiba to stay at the hospital. Seerat comments on Sahiba and suggests to Garry that they visit the hospital. Jasleen also encourages Garry to go to the hospital.

Veer offers water to Sahiba. Worried about Angad, Sahiba pleads with Veer to visit Angad and keep her informed. Veer agrees to her request.

Seerat hurriedly insists that Garry accompany her to the hospital. Garry asks Seerat about his groomer, and she retrieves it from the drawer. An argument ensues between Seerat and Garry, resulting in Garry pushing her away and causing Seerat to get hurt. Jasleen intervenes and signals Garry, while also advising him to mature. Seerat leaves the scene. Jasleen urges Garry to grow up.

Sahiba sees Angad on her phone as Veer video calls and shows her Angad’s condition. Inder accuses Akaal of arranging Sahiba’s marriage to Angad. Akaal reflects that it would have been better if Sahiba had listened to him. Seerat, Jasleen, and Garry arrive at the hospital and inquire about Angad’s condition. Seerat tries to console Manveer, who vents his anger on her, blaming her sister for Angad’s injuries. Seerat apologizes to Manveer. Akaal intervenes and reminds Manveer that Seerat is not at fault for Angad’s situation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sahiba attempts to approach Angad, who has regained consciousness, but Seerat intercepts her, forbidding her from meeting him. Seerat claims that Angad’s current predicament is a result of Sahiba’s actions. Sahiba reminds Seerat that she is Angad’s lawful wife, emphasizing her rights. Seerat asserts that the Brar family entrusted her with the responsibility of keeping Sahiba away from Angad. In response, Sahiba questions whether Angad desires this separation as well. Just then, Angad calls out for Sahiba, prompting her to go to him. Angad apologizes to Sahiba, leaving her curious as to the reason behind his apology.

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