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Teri Meri Doriyaann 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Akaal seeking confirmation from Sahiba, expressing his concern that it would damage her self-respect if Angad repaid the debt, whereas if Sahiba repaid it with her hard-earned money, it wouldn’t affect her self-esteem. Akaal presents a solution, suggesting that he will provide work for Sahiba. He proposes that her artwork will be displayed as a showpiece in every room, and in return, he will give her a sum of Rs. 20 lakhs. Curious, Sahiba questions why Akaal would be willing to pay such a substantial amount. Akaal explains that it would be her final paid assignment, as she would have to give up her artwork, which is deeply intertwined with her identity. Sahiba refuses Akaal’s proposition, firmly asserting that she cannot forsake her artistic passion as it defines who she is. Despite the Brar family’s attempts to persuade Sahiba to accept Akaal’s offer, she apologizes to Akaal and states that she would rather leave the house than compromise her artistic identity.

Akaal requests Angad to join him privately, causing Hansraj to speculate that Angad and Sahiba might be heading for divorce. Manveer reassures everyone that Akaal would never allow such a separation to take place.

Angad expresses his apology to Akaal on behalf of Sahiba’s behavior. Akaal acknowledges that he understands Sahiba’s perspective, considering her middle-class background, where she values self-respect and refrains from seeking help or assistance. Angad seeks Akaal’s advice on what steps they should take next. Akaal suggests alternative approaches to convince Sahiba.

Seerat endeavors to persuade Sahiba to accept Akaal’s proposal and not oppose the Brar family. Sahiba attempts to explain her viewpoint to Seerat, but unfortunately, Seerat disregards her words. Sahiba believes that Seerat will never comprehend her, so she walks away from the situation. Coincidentally, Seerat crosses paths with Angad, and she apologizes to him for Sahiba’s behavior. Angad remarks on Sahiba’s conduct. Seerat expresses her gratitude towards Angad for all the support he has provided her. Observing that Angad appears upset with Sahiba, Seerat assures him that he can confide in her if he needs to discuss his concerns. Meanwhile, Manveer assumes that Seerat is trying to get closer to Angad and questions why she is in his room. Seerat clarifies that she tried to convince Sahiba but Manveer suggests they find another place to discuss matters. Seerat apologizes to Manveer for Sahiba’s actions and departs. Angad inquires why Manveer is directing her anger towards Seerat. Manveer makes a dismissive remark and advises Angad to let it go.

Sahiba reminisces about the recent events and feels a sense of sadness. Kulche notices Sahiba’s emotional state and inquires about the cause. Sahiba dismisses it, claiming that it doesn’t matter. Ajith enters the scene, attempting to uplift Sahiba’s spirits. Sahiba embraces Ajith and seeks solace on his shoulder. Tearfully, Sahiba questions Ajith about whether women have the right to dream.

[Episode End]

Precap : Seerat entered Angad’s room and inquired if he had any headache medicine. Sahiba informed Seerat that she had placed the medicine in her own room. Seerat expressed her inability to locate it there. Angad assured Seerat that if Sahiba had claimed to have put the medicine there, then it must be there. He suggested Seerat to double-check, emphasizing that Sahiba is always right and cannot be mistaken.

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