Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with the Randhawa family indulging in a delightful couple’s game. Initially, Mandip’s husband showcases his affection by reciting a heartfelt shayari dedicated to her. Next, it’s Rahul’s turn, and he is assigned the task of humbly kneeling before his wife and apologizing. Then arrives Ravi’s moment in the game, but with a twist—he is blindfolded. Pratiksha’s countenance reveals a mix of sadness and anger towards Kavya. Seizing the opportunity, she confides in Kinjal, sharing Kavya’s secret. As Ravi remains blindfolded, he is spun around, creating an air of anticipation. Slowly, he reaches Kavya, gently sensing a red rose, and proceeds towards Pratiksha. Upon reaching her, he tenderly touches her face, familiarizing himself with her features. In this blindfolded state, he affectionately acknowledges her as his dharam patni (life partner). Finally, Ravi unveils his eyes, only to be met with a guest’s remark about facing punishment alongside Pratiksha. Without hesitation, Ravi willingly accepts the punishment, and Daadi randomly selects a task for him from a chit. According to the chosen task, Ravi is required to dance with Pratiksha. Approaching Pratiksha, he extends his hand, and they gracefully dance together, much to the displeasure of Kavya, who storms off in anger. Following suit, Manvi departs from the scene as well. Sensing an ominous aura surrounding Pratiksha, Kinjal takes it upon herself to investigate further. She stealthily trails Kavya and overhears her divulging to Manvi her intentions to unlawfully separate Ravi and Pratiksha. Determined to safeguard Pratiksha from harm, Kinjal resolves not to let any misfortune befall her.

Kavya entered her room and carefully placed the documents inside her purse. Soon after, Manvi quietly followed her and questioned the reason for her ascent upstairs. Kavya confided in Manvi about Ravi’s growing affection for Pratiksha and expressed her fear that if they grew closer, it would lead to Kavya and Ravi’s separation. Kinjal sensed the unease in the air.

Meanwhile, Ravi found himself apologizing to Pratiksha, confessing that his heart yearned for her companionship, partnership, and love. He urged Pratiksha to admit her feelings if she shared the same sentiment. Pratiksha, however, advised him to speak to his mother and other family members about his emotions, implying that her own response depended on their approval. Ravi persistently inquired if she felt anything for him, but Pratiksha remained silent, claiming he would never comprehend her true emotions. Ravi felt a profound frustration, unable to grasp Pratiksha’s demeanor. At one point, he contemplated retracting his words and denying any feelings for her. Just as Manvi and Kavya approached Ravi to convey something, he dismissed them, promising to address their concerns later, and abruptly departed.

Seated in a corner, Pratiksha appeared despondent, contemplating Ravi’s recent words. Manvi appeared and, as per her usual manner, began taunting her. Mandip intervened, reminding Pratiksha to conduct herself with respect since Mandip was her mother-in-law. Pratiksha confronted Mandip, questioning her desire to witness Ravi kissing Kavya and revealing her knowledge of their scheme. Pratiksha halted Manvi’s constant interjections, commanding her silence.

After a brief pause, Pratiksha approached Mandip and clarified that she had never reported Mandip to the police out of respect. She offered an apology if she had unintentionally caused any harm to Mandip.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kavya’s plan was on the verge of becoming a reality!

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