Meet 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Meet lying on her bed, deep in thought, recalling her promise to Masoom. She wonders why Abhay didn’t respond when she mentioned Vani, questioning whether he truly likes her. Sumeet ponders over what she should do next.

Meanwhile, Shlok, Sumeet’s admirer and Abhay’s brother, stands outside her house, hoping for a chance to talk to her. He eagerly waits for Sumeet to step out, as he wants to discuss convincing Abhay’s mother about his relationship with Vani. Shlok silently prays for her to emerge, and when she finally does, he is struck by her amazing presence. Taking a piece of paper, he writes his message and tosses it into Sumeet’s room.

Just then, Raj arrives at the scene and scolds Shlok for staring at Sumeet. Shlok quickly makes up an excuse, claiming that his bike wouldn’t start. Raj starts his bike to prove a point and sternly warns Shlok never to return to the lane. Meanwhile, Sumeet discovers the message from Shlok, which reveals that Shagun will be going to the temple the next day. The note also includes her car’s license plate number, providing Sumeet with a golden opportunity to convince Shagun. With a smile on her face, Sumeet notices the keychain bearing Shlok’s name.

The following day, Sumeet arrives at the temple along with a few of her maids, sipping coconut water. She spots Shagun and swiftly grabs a bouquet of flowers before dashing toward her. Introducing herself as Sumeet Sangwan, she triggers Shagun’s memory of meeting a younger Sumeet, whom she had referred to as a copy of Meet. Concerned that Sumeet might recognize her, Shagun quickly smears gulaal on her face, attempting to hide her identity and preserve her plan for revenge.

Sumeet, unaware of Shagun’s hidden motives, reveals that Vani Alhwat works in her office and that Abhay also holds affection for her. Sumeet implores Shagun to grant them permission to be together and find happiness. Shagun, recollecting Sumeet’s visit to their office the previous day, where she felt her time was wasted, retorts. She sarcastically acknowledges that Sumeet is the one who disrupted their forty-minute meeting. Undeterred, Sumeet expresses her desire to spread happiness in everyone’s lives, much like her mother, Meet.

As the scorching sunlight beats down, Sumeet’s bare feet begin to burn, causing her discomfort.

Shagun inquires of Sumeet whether she aspires to emulate her mother, prompting her to dismiss her staff as Meet used to fight alone. Shagun tasks Sumeet with selling at least thirteen flowers from a bouquet within the span of one hour. Raj and Masoom rendezvous with Abhay in an attempt to persuade him to marry Vani, citing his mother’s approval. Unaware, Raj overlooks Shaun’s photograph placed there. Shlok encounters Sumeet, who is engrossed in selling flowers, and expresses gratitude while returning his keychain. Despite purchasing a single flower, Sumeet refuses further assistance from him.

Sumeet grapples under the scorching sunlight while attempting to sell the flowers. She borrows a dhol and begins playing it to attract attention, ultimately succumbing to exhaustion and fainting. Shlok and Abhay arrive at the scene, providing aid to Sumeet. Later, Sumeet regains consciousness inside Shagun’s car and pleads for a second chance. However, Shagun reveals her decision has already been made, instructing Sumeet to return home. Abhay confides in Shagun about his genuine fondness for Vani. Concerned, Vani questions Sumeet about her sickly and sunburnt appearance. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sumeet tearfully admits her fear of failing to fulfill her promise to Masoom. Vani attempts to console her, but Sumeet remains inconsolable. Shlok visits Sumeet and, mistaken in his intentions, she lashes out at him, believing he has come to mock her. Shlok informs Sumeet of Shagun’s acceptance of their relationship, prompting a joyous embrace from Sumeet. The episode concludes with Raj witnessing their heartfelt hug.

[Episode End]

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