Maitree 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Sona expressing to Maitree that if she touches the Gangajal, it will become impure. Sona proceeds to label Kamna as a homewrecker, insulting her husband and referring to Kamna as a mistress. Kamna responds by stating that she considers Sona as her sister and questions how she can be humiliated in such a manner. Sona insists that Kamna deserves it.

In the midst of the argument, Maitree intervenes, requesting Sona to stop and reminding her that she chose this alliance herself. Maitree asserts that Sona has no right to insult her father-in-law and mother-in-law in such a manner. Maitree emphasizes that she is speaking not only as Maitree Mishra but also as their daughter-in-law.

Sona reminds Maitree that she is marrying the son of a mistress, claiming that society will look down upon her because of this. Harsh interrupts, telling Sona to stop and stating that he cannot tolerate anything said against his mother and wife. He instructs Sona to leave, but she refuses.

At that moment, Ashish arrives and embraces Sona. Sona points towards Madan and bursts into tears. Ashish informs her that Maitree is now married to Harsh and is thus connected to them. He urges Sona not to create a scene, emphasizing that they have no relationship with Madan’s family. Nandini comments on the situation, but Ashish tells her that he will speak to her once they return home. He then urges Sona to come home with him. Sona adamantly declares that she won’t listen to anyone and continues to express her discontent with her husband’s actions.

Sona expresses to Madan that she has no intention of divorcing him. Instead, she reveals her plan to make Kamna her mistress and have her son be considered illegitimate. Kamna pleads with Sona to stop and asks for her blessings for the new couple. However, Sona adamantly refuses and declares that she will never allow them into her house. At this moment, Ashish intervenes and informs Sona that Harsh and his family will be leaving for Banaras after the marriage, and they won’t come to Triveni Sangam. He urges Sona to leave the situation, and he forcefully takes her away. Meanwhile, Harsh consoles Kamna.

Ashish escorts Sona back home and questions her about the scene she created at Maitree’s house. Sona inquires whether he doesn’t care about his own pain. Ashish replies that she and his family are his top priority, which is why he didn’t even attend Maitree’s wedding. Sona asks why he didn’t inform her that Maitree was marrying her husband’s illegitimate son. This revelation shocks Om and Kusum, who ask if it’s true. Sona explains that she would have never known the truth if Nandini hadn’t disclosed it to her. Ashish confesses that he wanted to protect her from getting hurt, hence why he kept it hidden. Sona starts feeling dizzy, and Nandini along with others offer their support.

Nandini accuses Maitree of being self-centered and suggests that if Maitree truly cares for Sona, she should inform her the truth. However, Nandini emphasizes Maitree’s selfishness and critiques her values. In a surprising turn of events, Ashish slaps Nandini and confronts her about why she revealed the truth to Sona. He accuses Nandini of being jealous of Maitree right from the beginning and warns her to stay within her limits, giving her a final warning. Nandini is taken aback by the slap and Ashish’s stern words, while Sona stands by her side, supporting her.

Meanwhile, Maitree notices that Harsh appears worried and reassures him that everything will eventually work out. However, Harsh reveals that Sona had called him illegitimate and insulted his mother. Suddenly, they hear a commotion outside and rush out to find Kamna attempting to harm herself by setting fire to a log, disregarding anyone’s pleas to stop her.

[Episode End]

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