Junooniyatt 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Jordan offering comfort to Ilahi, assuring her of his support. He discreetly excuses their guest and leads Ilahi away. Mahi observes their interaction with a smirk. Baljeet approaches Jahan and inquires if he misses Ilahi and if they have spoken. Jahan lies, claiming that he has indeed talked to her. Baljeet expresses his desire to speak with Ilahi and attempts to convince Jahan to postpone their conversation for later. Baljeet assures him that Dolly will recover soon. Jahan believes that Dolly will improve if Ilahi talks to their mother once.

Later, Ilahi confides in Jordan that she had previously expressed her discomfort with her outfit. Jordan asserts that he had encouraged her to choose a dress that she finds comfortable and highlights the compliments she received at the party. He pretends to be concerned about her well-being. However, Ilahi insists that she is still uncomfortable with her dress and feels responsible for ruining the party. She returns Jordan’s coat to him. Husna notices her crying and empathizes with her situation. Jordan believes that Mahi is correct in her approach, viewing it as the most effective way to control Ilahi. Mahi notices Husna’s presence and criticizes her lack of manners, suggesting that she had shamelessly eavesdropped on Ilahi’s conversation with her husband. Mahi asserts that Husna, as a guest, should have known her limits. Husna apologizes and leaves. Mahi resolves to do anything to bring a smile to her son’s face and believes that Ilahi deserves punishment for making her son cry.

Ilahi changes into a more comfortable dress, reminiscing about her moments with Jahan. She asks him what she should wear when meeting his parents. Jahan playfully teases her, claiming that she has already spoken to his parents. He embraces her and assures her that she can wear any dress she likes, emphasizing that she shouldn’t have to change her taste for anyone. Ilahi and Jahan enjoy quality time together, during which Ilahi becomes emotional, recalling their moments together. The nurse hands Dolly’s report to Jahan, urging him to take care of her. Jahan remembers Dolly’s dream of witnessing his wedding with Ilahi and pleads with Dolly to wake up and speak with him. He expresses concern about her condition, stating that speaking with him would make him feel better. He continues to implore Dolly to engage in a conversation, embracing her and shedding tears. Jahan shares his grief with Dolly. Seerat observes him crying and embracing his mother, feeling touched by the display of his emotions. She realizes that he is not rude but rather sentimental. Meanwhile, Jordan notices Ilahi approaching and believes that he has her under his control. Rasika perceives this as Ilahi’s true nature coming to light. Ilahi compliments Tina on her appearance, expressing that the dress suits her well and praising her.

Mahi proudly presented Ilahi as her daughter-in-law to the MLA, expressing how Ilahi had been a tremendous help to them in their business ventures and resolving their issues. Seeking his blessings, Mahi’s heart swelled with joy as the MLA complimented Ilahi’s good manners. However, her elation quickly turned to frustration upon hearing his praises. Meanwhile, Jordan coerced Ilahi into drinking a beverage, deceiving her by claiming it was not alcohol when, in fact, it was. Ilahi, unaware of the deception, took a sip and immediately felt discomfort. Sensing her unease, Rasika purposely shoved Ilahi, causing her to vomit on the MLA, leaving everyone in a state of shock.

Ilahi, showing empathy, assisted the MLA in cleaning up the mess while Jordan confronted her, questioning the commotion. Ilahi revealed that Jordan had assured her the drink did not contain alcohol, but it had been mixed in without her knowledge. Jordan, however, denied any responsibility, accusing Ilahi of falsely blaming him. The MLA, angered by being vomited on, reprimanded Ilahi and mentioned his upcoming meeting. At that moment, Grandpa arrived and pleaded with the MLA to forgive Ilahi, emphasizing that it was unintentional. The MLA relented, citing the potential media coverage and stating that he was sparing her for Grandpa’s sake. Mahi urged Ilahi to leave the premises, while the other guests gossiped and criticized her.

Turning her attention to the disgruntled guest, Mahi attributed the mishap to Rasika’s planning and expressed her dissatisfaction with Rasika’s overall carelessness. Mahi had assigned her a specific responsibility, which Rasika had neglected. Assuring Mahi that she would rectify the situation, Rasika faced Mahi’s scolding while the chef also received a share of the blame. Ilahi overheard the conversation and intervened, urging them not to discard the dish. She offered to cook it herself, determined to salvage the situation. Rasika, concerned that Ilahi might ruin the dish and tarnish her reputation, hesitated. However, Grandpa stepped in, encouraging everyone to try the pasta, assuring them of its quality. The relatives praised the pasta’s taste, and Mahi commended Rasika for the change in the menu.

Grandpa requested Varun to summon the chef, intending to reward him for the delicious pasta. To everyone’s surprise, the chef revealed that it was Ilahi who had cooked the dish, deserving of the accolades. Mahi and Jordan were taken aback, their expressions revealing their astonishment and admiration for Ilahi’s culinary skills.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jordan accompanies Ilahi to the parlour, intending to help her transform her appearance. He proposes the idea of getting a haircut to enhance her look. However, Ilahi firmly requests him not to trim her precious locks. Despite her plea, Jordan decides to slightly shorten her hair, resulting in a mischievous smirk on his face. Ilahi’s reaction turns into sheer astonishment as she witnesses the unexpected change in her reflection.

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