Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Sai speaking on the phone, inquiring of Smith, “Are you leaving for the USA for the next two weeks?” Smith confirms this and informs her that if she wishes to see him, they must all be in Germany as soon as possible. Sai expresses her concern about arranging everything in such a short time and mentions the additional burden of expenses. Smith kindly offers to assist with the arrangements and proposes that Sai work at their hospital. He explains that if they cannot arrive quickly, he may become unavailable. Understanding the urgency, Sai agrees to come early and accepts Smith’s offer.

Sai then gathers Satya’s family and shares the news that she is going to Germany with Satya. Amba and Satya inquire about the reason for this sudden decision. Sai reveals that the renowned neurologist, Smith, has agreed to treat Satya, so they are all traveling there. She also mentions that she will be working at the hospital to manage their expenses. Amba expresses concern about Sai handling Satya and Savi alone, but Sai assures them that she can handle it.

Meanwhile, Kadam calls Virat to inform him about some important findings in a case. Virat notices Sai’s repeated calls and decides to answer her. Sai informs him about their upcoming trip to Germany for Satya’s treatment, catching Virat off guard. He asks her about the duration of their stay but receives another call from Kadam. Virat informs Sai that he has urgent work to attend to and answers Kadam’s call, informing him that he is on his way. Ashwini and Bhavani overhear Sai’s plan to take Savi to Germany. Bhavani expresses her disapproval, stating that she won’t allow Sai to take Savi to a foreign country.

Bhavani heads to the school to pick up Vinu while Maddy arrives to collect Savi. Bhavani requests Maddy to pass along a message to Sai, explaining that they’re taking Savi to Chavan Nivas to spend some time together before Savi’s departure to Germany. Savi expresses her desire to go with Bhavani, and Maddy agrees. Once Maddy returns home, she informs Sai about the situation, which raises suspicions for Sai. She calls Bhavani to inquire why she took Savi without prior notice. Bhavani explains their intention to spend quality time with Savi before their departure. Sai reluctantly accepts and plans to pick up Savi later in the evening, although she remains doubtful about Bhavani’s composed demeanor.

Savi enjoys a lively gathering with the Chavan family, and Virat arrives home, delighted to see Chavi present. Savi discloses that she came to spend time with them before her journey to Germany. Virat observes silently. Later, Bhavani presents Savi with a necklace adorned with a moon pendant. Savi mentions how fitting it is, as she possesses the moon pendant while Vinu possesses a sun pendant. Bhavani claims that they represent their family’s sun and moon. Bhavani manipulates Savi into reconsidering her trip, and Savi ultimately agrees to stay at Chavan Nivas. Bhavani urges Savi to inform Virat of her decision.

Savi approaches Virat and expresses her desire not to go to Germany, stating her intention to remain at Chavan Nivas. She pleads with Virat to convince Sai about the change of plans. Virat agrees and contacts Sai. Sai insists on picking up Savi, but Virat informs her that Savi wishes to stay at Chavan Nivas. He proposes a video call to discuss the matter further. During the call, Sai seeks confirmation from Savi, who confidently assures her decision and abruptly ends the call. Sai’s sister, Satya, questions why Sai agreed, given that they might be in Germany for two months. Sai reveals her suspicion that Bhavani orchestrated the entire scheme and that Savi won’t be able to resist her influence. Sai decides to alter her own decision accordingly.

Virat puts Savi and Vinu to bed before receiving a call from Kadam. Kadam reveals a major development regarding the release of Ramakanth from their custody and provides a lead. Virat instructs Kadam to prepare the team as he plans to join them. He leaves the house, leaving Savi awake and restless. She pleads with everyone to take her home, but they refuse. Savi tries calling Sai, only to find her phone switched off. She then attempts to reach Virat, but he doesn’t answer. Left with no other choice, Savi makes the decision to venture out alone, packing her bag and leaving the house behind.

[Episode End]

Precap : During a video call, Satya expresses to Virat that he has come to the realization that Virat and Sai are truly meant for one another. Thus, he believes it’s time for him to step aside and exit their lives. Virat, in response, mentions how Sai declined his proposal in the past, implying that she may not change her mind now. However, at that moment, Sai joins the conversation and shares her perspective with both Virat and Satya. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing responsibility over love, a lesson she learned from Virat himself.

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