Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 11th May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 11th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Virat appearing anxious and receiving updates from Kadam. He urges Kadam to expedite the process. From a distance, Sai observes the exchange between the two. After Kadam leaves, Virat remains seated, visibly distressed. Sai approaches him and informs him that Pakhi will attend Vinnu’s birthday celebration in the evening, stating that Pakhi ensured that she would not miss it. Virat expresses disbelief, citing Pakhi’s intentional avoidance of them and blaming Sai for the situation. He tells her that she has no right to be there and should leave. Sai responds by saying that she was also summoned because of an article she wrote about Pakhi’s disappearance. Virat tells her to think about new people in her life and says that once Pakhi takes over Vinnu’s care, he will never want to see her again. He then departs from the scene.

Satya and Savi engage in enjoyable arts and crafts activities together until they receive a video call from Vinu, inviting them to his birthday party that evening. Savi expresses her excitement to attend the party and hints at a surprise she’s preparing for Vinu. Vinu cautions her against revealing too much about the surprise and they end the call. Later, Savi shows Satya a painting she made before going inside. Satya mentions being invited to the party as well, prompting Sai to express concerns about potential drama from Virat and Kaku.

Satya assures Sai that they can handle any drama, but Sai’s family arrives and urges them to attend the party together as a married couple. Satya’s grandmother worries about potential problems, but Amba pushes Sai to convince Satya to go to the party. Sai agrees and Amba reminds her to come home soon to avoid further issues with Satya’s friends. They leave for the party.

Satya checks with Sai if she is certain about attending the party as Kaku and Virat may not approve. Sai reassures him and insists he joins. Meanwhile, Satya’s mother and grandmother caution her against getting too involved in their affairs. Amba believes that some relationships require guidance, and if left unguided, they may become complicated or loveless.

Gauri prepares Savi for the party and compliments her, calling her a princess. Satya chimes in, complimenting her as well, saying she looks like a prince charming. However, Savi disagrees, teasing Satya about his beard, but he defends himself, saying he looks more mature. Sai arrives, and Gauri asks for her preference between a clean shave and a bearded look. Sai chooses clean shave, and Satya agrees to follow the majority’s opinion.

Bhavani and Ninad extend birthday wishes to Vinu, and Harini accompanies him to the party. Everyone offers their gifts and blessings, but Vinu spots Virat on a call and approaches him, inquiring about his mother’s whereabouts. Virat reassures him that his team is searching for her and urges him to accept his gift. However, Vinu remains hesitant, and Harini advises him to wait as the party has just begun and his mother will likely arrive soon.

Savi arrives at the party accompanied by Sai and Satya. Upon seeing Savi, Virat feels delighted, but becomes upset upon seeing Sai and Satya. Savi extends her birthday wishes to Vinu, who embraces Sai. Bhavani and Sonali converse about how it was wrong for Sai to attend the party with Satya, and Bhavani decides to impart a lesson to Sai. Sai gifts Vinu a Chain and blesses him with a long and healthy life. Bhavani requests Harini to conclude the party swiftly as she cannot tolerate the presence of Satya and Sai.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vinu inquires Virat regarding Pakhi, but Virat fails to gather any information about her whereabouts. He ponders, “Where could Pakhi be?”

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