Chashni Last Episode 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Chashni Last Episode 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Sanjot trembling in fear at the sight of Chandni’s apparition, desperately confessing that she intended to harm Roshni, not Chandni. Overwhelmed by terror, she divulges the entire truth about her willingness to harm anyone who obstructs Sumer’s path to success in business. Deeply remorseful, Sanjot implores Chandni for forgiveness, only to be taken aback when she notices Sumer’s presence. Sanjot realizes that the entire situation was an elaborate scheme to extract the truth from her.

Sanjot musters the audacity to raise her hand against Chandni, but Sumer intervenes, commanding her to halt. He declares that he personally witnessed and overheard everything that transpired. Sumer confronts Sanjot, questioning her involvement in Chitra’s demise and her attempt to harm Roshni as well.

Sanjot opens up about her personal experience of enduring discrimination due to her gender, recounting how she made numerous sacrifices, only to witness Sumer receiving all the recognition and fame. Sumer, unaware of her struggles, expresses resentment towards her for everything she has done. In the midst of this tense situation, Raunaq and Roshni arrive.

Sumer asserts that Sanjot has achieved what she desired, but now he will take action according to his own agenda. Shockingly, Sumer has Sanjot arrested. Raunaq instructs the inspector to take Sanjot away. Meanwhile, Chandni approaches Nisha, who appears disheartened, and commends her for prioritizing justice over her own mother.

Chandni requests Nisha to promise that she won’t succumb to weakness and will seek new friendships. Feeling uneasy about speaking to Sumer directly, Nisha asks Chandni to communicate with him on her behalf. Chandni begins packing her belongings, intending to leave. Raunaq questions her about her destination, and Chandni explains that since Sanjot has already been punished, she will depart from Raunaq’s life. Despite Raunaq’s attempts to stop her, Chandni remains resolute in her decision.

In a moment of desperation, Raunaq shouts out that he loves her. Chandni reciprocates his feelings, acknowledging that she cannot imagine her life without him, and they embrace each other joyfully.

The Babbars gathered together to perform Guru Nanak’s prayer. Sumer distributed prasad to everyone, fostering a sense of unity and happiness. He also revealed that it was a special day as it was Nisha’s birthday, prompting a double celebration. Sumer urged everyone to capture the joyful moments by taking a family photograph during the function.

Raunaq volunteered to create a birthday cake for Nisha, much to the amusement of Chandni and Nisha, who chuckled at his enthusiasm. Raunaq assured them that they would be amazed by his cake and assigned Nisha the role of their personal photographer. Nisha left briefly to search for the cake, but to her surprise, she couldn’t find anyone else around. She scanned the area, wondering where everyone had gone.

Suddenly, the rest of the Babbars appeared, singing the happy birthday song for Nisha. Overjoyed, Nisha blew out the candles and proceeded to share the cake with everyone. Chandni inquired about Nisha’s birthday gift preference, to which Nisha responded that she was already blessed to have her family by her side for the entire year. Despite the absence of Sanjot, Nisha expressed her happiness in being surrounded by loved ones.

Sumer initiated a song, and Nisha beamed with delight. Gradually, Roshni, Raunaq, Chandni, and Nisha joined in, creating a harmonious chorus. They continued to revel in each other’s company, dancing to various songs. Chandni started singing “Love You Zindagi,” and the Babbars enthusiastically danced along, cherishing the moments of togetherness and joy.

[Episode End]

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