Anupamaa 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

In the current episode, Vanraj expresses that the Shah family belongs to Anupama as much as it belongs to him, or even more so. He requests Anupama to promise that she will take care of Hasmuk and Leela if anything were to happen to him. Vanraj clarifies that he doesn’t require anything from her except for this promise. Anupama agrees to Vanraj’s request. Leela inquires if anything is wrong, to which Anupama responds by stating that she needs to leave for her dance classes.

Kinjal tells Anupama that after her classes, she needs to go somewhere else. Anupama inquires about the location, and Kinjal replies that it’s the place where she had previously discussed with Kanta. She then discloses that she has arranged for Anupama’s admission into Malti Devi’s Dance Gurukul. Anupama is taken aback by the news, and the Shahs inquire about Malti Devi. Samar and Kinjal inform them that she is a renowned classical dancer.

Anupama expresses her inability to dance in front of Malti Devi, and she shares that it had been her childhood dream to learn from her. She tells the Shahs that her dream was never fulfilled as Malti Devi had gone to the USA. Leela points out that Anupama already dances well, but Kinjal insists that there is always more to learn. Anupama feels apprehensive and uncertain, but Samar, Pakhi, Hasmukh, Paritosh, and Vanraj offer her encouragement. Eventually, Anupama decides to give it a try and perform in front of Malti Devi, as the latter is selecting the best dancers from around the world.

Anupama shares with Kanta that Kinjal has been admitted to Malti Devi’s Gurukul, which prompts Kanta to inquire about Anupama’s happiness. Excited by the news, Kanta blesses Anupama and encourages her to be unstoppable. Understanding Kanta’s message, Anupama agrees to move forward. When Bhairvi asks Anupama if she will be dancing anywhere, Anupama mentions Malti Devi and explains that she is a teacher to her, just as Anupama is to Bhairvi. Bhairvi understands and asks if she can accompany Anupama, to which Anupama agrees.

Kanta expresses her desire for Anupama’s success. Anupama prays for strength and hopes to be chosen. Vanraj recalls Kavya, while Kinjal reminds him to take his medicine. Paritosh suggests that Kinjal resign from her job to manage the household, but Kinjal explains that she has already taken care of the housework. Paritosh argues that Anupama would have handled everything, but Kinjal had sent her to Malti Devi’s Gurukul. He wonders how much Leela can manage at home, and Vanraj agrees with Paritosh.

Anupama and Bahirvi visit Gurukul, where Kinjal questions Paritosh about the harm in allowing Anupama to pursue her dream. Vanraj agrees with Kinjal’s perspective, acknowledging that he and Leela had previously shattered Anupama’s aspirations. Therefore, Anupama should be encouraged to soar once again.

[Episode End]

Precap : Malti Devi informs Anupama that she should only sign the contract papers if she accompanies her to America, otherwise, she is free to leave. Samar shares that Anuj will be arriving with Maya for his wedding.

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